Sunday, October 31, 2010

Installing Google Chrome To Slackware

I've just installed google chrome to my beloved Slackware. Actually Iam using forefox as my main browser, but sometimes I need other browser to surfing the net when I felt borried on firefox. The other reasson why I use google chrome is because chrome bird. Yess I really love this twitter client running on google chrome, So I think I Should intalling Google Chrome to my Beloved Slackware. Google chrome need some library as the dependency. If you want to install google chrome, you should installing both libgconf and orbit2. Here are the method how to install google chrome on Slackware
  • Download the slackbuild package of google chrome. If you dont know where to find it. Just visit here
  • Also Downlod both packages libgconf and orbit2 from the same site
  • Go to the directory where you download the packages
  • login as root by typing su
  • Just running installpkg tool to install them
    • #installpkg packect_name.txz
Here is my screenshoot of google chrome running on slackware13 with xfce4 desktop :)

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